Do you need to Import your own Custom Character in a Custom Pose / Animation into Marvelous Designer?

You probably at some stage will need to import your own 3D character, (rigged or not) and create cloths for your 3D model in a specific pose or animation.

You can import your own 3D characters and pose them in any pose you need and/or animate your Avatars in the Marvelous Designer software.

Need a Marvelous Designer Animation Tutorial?

You’re in the right place! We teach in the CG Elves Mastering Marvelous Designer beginner’s course (which is available either as a stand-alone training module or as part of the full Mastering Marvelous Designer course) how to import custom models into Marvelous Designer, how to interactively pose your Avatars in Marvelous Designer (MD), how to import poses, how to simulate clothes on the new poses, how to import animations and record animations.

Marvelous Designer Animation Export

You’ll need to know about Exporting Garment Animation from Marvelous Designer, so in our training you’ll learn how to export the posed models with the Marvelous Designer clothes or just the posed garments, and how to export Marvelous Designer clothing animations from Marvelous Designer, so you can use them in your workflow in your other 3D programs.

Additionally, we also demonstrate the difference of importing a “prop” or a “model”, as well as how to import smaller 3D models like zipper pullers or buttons and the different ways of how you can position them on the clothes.
You’ll also learn how to deactivate models, remove models etc. Basically, everything you need to do with importing models and working with them in MD.