Realistic Seamless Denim Jeans Fabric Material Textures Pack by CG ElvesRealistic Seamless Denim Jeans Fabric Material Textures Pack by CG Elves

Seamless Tiling Denim Jeans Fabric Material Texture Pack

26 Hyper-realistic Seamless Tiling Denim Fabric Material Texture Pack.
For the perfect jeans look on 3D clothing and cloth.
In this pack of denim material textures you have classic jeans textures, modern jeans weaves, hybreed denim weave textures, fine-grained jeans and the rough old jeans look as well as the fuzzy smudged jeans look. Apply filters to change hues as desired.

Use our perfectly tiling jeans textures for dressing your 3D models/ avatars, or for accessories like 3D rucksacks and bags, for 2D and CG art and for any other interior 3D model or item you want to give a denim look.

Use these Hi-Res tileable denim textures for still renders or for use in films, animations, games, virtual worlds and more.



More About our Seamless Denim Jeans Textures

  • All our jeans textures are made from images of real-life denim fabrics, so they look hyper-realistic.
  • Textures are HD. 1024×1024 px in size.
  • Some denim textures may have maps, since we show render examples in the product video, so we included the ones we already made.
    Most 3D artists generate their own maps the exact way they need them with their favorite tools.

Licensing is Royalty-Free usage for one single user (artist/ person purchasing). Read our terms & conditions.
If you are a school, a company or a Studio you need to get the commercial license option.

Read our detailed FAQ section on using our textures for selling clothing in marketplaces. As a rule of thumb, as long as you do not put up our textures for sale, resell them or give them away to anyone as freebies or bonuses, it is OK with us Elves if you bake them into the clothes you make and sell your clothes in marketplaces like Renderosity, DAZ, SecondLife / Sansar etc.

Our seamless jeans fabric textures are perfect for Marvelous Designer clothes, DAZ 3D and POSER clothes, iClone and any other 3D model. for still renders or for use in films, animations, games, virtual worlds and more.

Our customers include:

  • 3D artists and studios needing clothing for games, films and animations, and for clothing for digital doubles in films
  • CG artists using Daz3D and Poser for book cover art, comic books and illustrations
  • Entrepreneurial CG artists creating clothes for sale in marketplaces such as DAZ, Renderosity, SecondLife etc.
  • Attorney legal services for re-creating realistic 3D scenes-of-crime videos
  • 3D Scan services
  • Architects
  • E-Commerce shops
  • Media companies
    and more…
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