Beautify Your 3D Clothing & Interiors with Gorgeous Seamless Fabric Textures!

Our stunning and perfectly tiling HD seamless fabric textures will enhance your 3D clothing or cloth and make them look unique and realistic.

This HUGE Seamless Fabric Patterns Bundle consists of:

Womens Hoodie Marvelous Designer Dynamic Clothing with CG Elves Seamless Fabric Pattern Textures

  • 27 packs of HD (1024×1024 px) beautiful seamless fabric patterns and material textures

  • 1 pack of seamless tiling floral trims.

  • 1 pack of highly intricate seamless lace trims

  • 1 pack of hyper-realistic fancy trims (especially great for renaissance/ Celtic/ royal / fantasy clothing)

Each pack has 10 unique textures PLUS often includes many extra free pattern variations.

You can easily change colors / hues of the textures to create many more versions.
The lace trims are white, so you can apply any color you wish onto them.

TIP:   When you greatly scale down some of our textures, they’ll look like synthetic material fabric grain, knits and interesting weaves, perfect for sportswear etc.

“This is the perfect seamless texture library for 3D character artists, 2D artists and for architects,
as well as for DAZ3D, Poser, iClone, SecondLife and Sansar users or vendors”.

Apply different textures to a 3D garment to make it look entirely different each time!
Our hyper-realistic looking tileable fabric textures are also perfect for any other kind of digital cloth in your 3D home or other interiors; draperies, curtains, furniture upholstery, table clothes, bed covers, carry-ons, sacks, tents etc.

View here below all the seamless fabric patterns and material texture packs you get.
Each image you click on will open up to show the gallery of the pack contents – as a lightbox over this page.
(We show only a few of the many additional Bonus design variations plus some examples of scaling patterns).

These are the seamless fabric patterns and material texture styles you’ll get:

  • Abstract designs
  • Floral designs
  • Leopard prints
  • Stars
  • Dots, spots & circles
  • Burlap fabric weaves
  • Sweater & Sweatshirt Knit fabric weaves
  • Batik crazy waves
  • Batik dots spots paint splashes
  • Batik floral patterns
  • Batik nature patterns
  • Batik leaves
  • Batik mixed designs
  • Batik swirls
  • Batik zigzags / herringbone
  • PLUS 3 packs of tiling, hyper-realistic trims

AND also 2 X BIG Packs of Seamless Towel & Denim Textures!

(These were very difficult to make)

HiRes Realistic Seamless Terry Towel Cloth Fabric Textures Pack by CG Elves
HiRes Realistic Seamless Terry Towel Cloth Fabric Textures Pack

Realistic Seamless Denim Jeans Fabric Material Textures Pack by CG Elves
Realistic Seamless Denim Jeans Fabric Material Textures Pack

Watch the video to see example renders of all the seamless towel textures in this pack, on a 3D bathing robe, with different scale, color and displacement maps.

The repeatable towel cloth fabric texture pack includes various kinds of towels; from soft cuddly terry cloth, plush bathing robe towels, shaggy long-haired towels to rougher looking kitchen or floor towels.

The tiling seamless denim jeans textures are perfect for clothing, bags and any 3D model or 2D item you want with a jeans look. This pack includes traditional jeans textures, modern and hybrid jeans textures, as well as some soft ‘mushy’ denim.

These are exclusive FREE bonuses to CGTrader customers and subscribers, available for a very limited time.

Licensing is Royalty-Free usage for one single user (artist or small companies >5 employees).
If you are a School / company / AAA Game Studio / intend to use our materials for in-game sales, you need to get the commercial Enterprise license  >>

Each pack costs $15 and has 10 unique digital cloth texture patterns. Many Extra variations are included for Free.
Total price would be = $570.00   (34 packs  x $15  + $60 the 2 larger special bonus packs)

Lucky for you, we have a SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER for CGTrader’s Friends:
Get HUNDREDS of beautiful seamless fabric textures and trims + All Your Free Bonuses for
  $69    (you must be over 18)