MD101 - Mastering-Marvelous-Designer Software -Beginners CourseMD101 - Mastering-Marvelous-Designer Software -Beginners Course

MD101 – Mastering Marvelous Designer Beginners Course

In the CG Elves’ Marvelous Designer beginners course you will gain a thorough understanding of every function and feature in the Marvelous Designer software. You’ll learn what every tool does and how best to use as well as all the do’s and don’t’s. Even if you already know Marvelous to some extent, you may find you did not know of all the different options and possibilities. See the Product Description tab below for full breakdown of what you’ll learn in this Marvelous Designer course for beginners.

  • Our Marvelous Designer video tutorials are 1080p HD.
  • Total length of MD beginners course is 398 minutes (6.6h ).
  • Audio narration is in English, easy to understand even a non-native speakers, with clean professional sound quality (no disturbing background noise or microphone hiss).
  • Training is delivered online, with on-demand access (learn what you need, whenever you need)

Save a LOT of Money
Check out our COMPLETE Marvelous Designer training!
Not only will you learn to use MD in best possible way, you will also find our workshops are invaluable for learning the principles of making clothes.
Any kind of clothes can be created once you master the principles we’ll teach you.

We decided to only offer the full training since all workshops depend upon understanding the MD software properly (no one teaches it as good as Camille) and because some workshops build upon other workshops and lessons.



Additional Product Information

We offer the first and most complete training for 3D artists needing to understand how to use the Marvelous Designer software and all its tools. See here a breakdown of what the CG Elves Marvelous Designer course for beginners covers and what you’ll learn here.

Marvelous Designer Beginners Course Overview

  • Lesson 1: Interface Overview, Navigation, User Settings & Hotkeys, Simulate & the Pattern Tools.

  • Lesson 2: Adding Segment Points, Splitting Segment Lines and the 2 Curve Tools.

  • Lesson 3: How to Transform Patterns by an Exact Distance.

  • Lesson 4: Rounding Corners & Aligning Points to X-Axis/ Y-Axis.

  • Lesson 5: Flip Normals, Symmetry, Mirroring, Unfolding & Arranging Patterns.

  • Lesson 6: All About Sewing: Free Sewing, Segment Sewing, 1:N Sewing, Edit, Reverse & Deactivate Sewing.

  • Lesson 7: Seam Puckering & Sewing Line Type.

  • Lesson 8: How to Sew by an Exact Distance.

  • Lesson 9: How to Make Internal Shapes and Internal Lines for Pockets, Elastic bands, Gathers etc. How to Sew onto Internal Lines and Copy Internal Shapes as Patterns.

  • Lesson 10: Example Uses of Internal Elastic Lines, How to Fold Internal Lines, Making Holes from Internal Shapes.

  • Lesson 11: Pattern Cut Tool, Trace Tool, Offset Options & How to Make Curved Internal Lines.

  • Lesson 12: Fold Arrangement Tool.

  • Lesson 13: Darts & Double Darts – What are they and how to make them.

  • Lesson 14: All About Fabrics – Basics of Applying Colors & Textures.

  • Lesson 15: All About Fabrics – Fabric Color and Texture Options.

  • Lesson 16: All About Fabrics – Transforming Textures – Fabric Front, Side and Back Options – The Library Tab.

  • Lesson 17: All About Fabrics – Adding Detail with Normal Maps.

  • Lesson 18: All About Fabrics – How to use the 2D Graphics Tool to add onto your Clothes Logos, Text, Images, Stitches, Fancy Trims etc.

  • Lesson 19: All About Fabrics – How to Make Lace Trims.

  • Lesson 20: Pattern Thickness & Particle Distance.

  • Lesson 21: Curved Side Geometry Options to round off the cut fabric edges.

  • Lesson 22: Fabric Physical Properties – How to Change the Way the Cloth Hangs /Drapes /Animates.

  • Lesson 23: Measuring Your Avatars.

  • Lesson 24: Avatar Properties: Avatar Friction, Cloth Friction & Avatar Skin Offset.

  • Lesson 25: Explaining the Layer Clone Feature and How to Correctly Use Pressure to Inflate Clothes to add Thickness.

  • Lesson 26: The Selection & Pinning Tools.

  • Lesson 27: How to Roll-over and Roll-under Sleeves using the Select Mesh Tool.

  • Lesson 28: How to Roll-up Trouser Legs plus Trick to Make ‘ironed’ Folds.

  • Lesson 29: Tacking & Basting.

  • Lesson 30: Working with Patterns in 3d Garment Window – Freeze, Deactivate, Hide & Show Patterns, Turn Clothes Mesh from Triangles into Quads, Pattern Layering for Complex Simulations, Super-impose Over and Under.

  • Lesson 31: Direct Positioning Tool for Avatars, Props and Patterns.

  • Lesson 32: All About Piping.

  • Lesson 33: Navigating around the Scene Tab. And how to Fold Seams and the Effect of it.

  • Lesson 34: Bounding Volumes & Arrangement Points: What are their Uses and How to Make Them How to Create Bounding Volumes & Arrangment Points for Your Own Characters How to Export/ Import Bounding Volumes & Arrangement Points

  • Lesson 35: The Edit UV tool.

  • Lesson 36: The Shrinkage Trick: How to Fit One Clothing Item to ALL Avatars.

  • Lesson 37: How to Pose Models with Xray Joints, Posing Collada files and Posing OBJs by Importing Morph Targets.

  • Lesson 38: Changing Lights, Applying Wind and Gravity Settings – Plus a Cool Trick How to use Wind to Blow up Skirts (for Crinolines, Ballroom dresses etc).

  • Lesson 39: Let’s Get Animating! How to Animate MD Avatars & Clothing.

  • Lesson 40: How to Import Your Own Animated Models and Export Animated Clothing

  • Lesson 41: Covering All the File Menu Options. Import, Export, Add, Garments, Avatars, Props.

As you can see, our Marvelous Designer beginners course is The Best way to learn Marvelous Designer Software. Our Mastering Marvelous Designer training program is not some boring or hard to understand PDF manual, but is the only existing comprehensive Marvelous Designer video tutorials for beginners, perfectly crafted for easy learning curve and with a logical process. We put a lot of time and effort editing our Academy training videos, removing any unnecessary parts, speeding up where possible, so that there’s absolutely no time wasting for the busy 3D artist. These Marvelous Designer beginners tutorial videos were created by Camille Kleinman, the Leading Marvelous Expert and Trainer. Her training program is hailed by both top artists as well as beginners as easiest to follow and best existing training for Marvelous Designer cloth simulation software. To your success!

Camille Kleinman - The Marvelous Designer ExpertMastering Marvelous Designer training program and all the individual workshops were created by Camille Kleinman.
Camille is the leading Marvelous Designer expert and a sought-after trainer.

The Mastering Marvelous Designer training program is a brilliantly crafted step-by-step training, with Camille taking you by the hand in easy, logical steps to becoming a Marvelous Pro in shortest possible time.
Camille spent numerous long hours editing each video, in order to make sure you get only pure valuable content, in the scarce time you have to learn new things.

She discovered her patient teaching talents already at the ripe old age of 13, while volunteering as an English teacher in a local Dominican School.

At that same year she was offered a staff-writer job by (who didn’t know she was only 13 YO) who were in those days a startup with ambitions to compete against Camille became a Facebook Elite Application developer shortly before turning 14.

Camille loves drawing, sculpting, and writing her captivating fiction, horror and kids fantasy stories.

Our customers include:

  • 3D artists and studios needing clothing for games, films and animations, and for clothing for digital doubles in films
  • CG artists using Daz3D and Poser for book cover art, comic books and illustrations
  • Entrepreneurial CG artists creating clothes for sale in marketplaces such as DAZ, Renderosity, SecondLife etc.
  • Attorney legal services for re-creating realistic 3D scenes-of-crime videos
  • 3D Scan services
  • Architects
  • E-Commerce shops
  • Media companies
    and more…
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Reviews About Our Mastering Marvelous Designer
Training Program & Workshops

Ryan Kingslien Mastering Marvelous Designer Testimonial 2017

CG Elves contains some of the best training I’ve seen. Short, straight forward tutorials that focus on tasks we need to master as artists.
It doesn’t get much better than this training for Marvelous Designer.

– Ryan Kingslien – first product manager of ZBrush, founder of and, Certified ZBrush Instructor.

3D Character Artist Alessandro Baldasseroni breton_render

Mastering marvelous designer is an excellent course that guides you step by step in learning one of the key sofwares in any character modeling pipeline when it comes to the creation of realistic clothing.
Starting from the basics of the sofware, the course gradually introduces you through detailed video tutorials to the creation of piece of clothing of increasing complexity, in particular the workshop tutorials and theme exercises are extremely useful to anybody who wants to achieve realistic looking clothing and garments.

– Alessandro Baldasseroni,
Character Artist – Riot Games

Artwork of Henrique Campanha final04-resized

I was impressed with the amount of tutorials! Really many examples showing step by step how to build various types of clothes, from the simplest to the most complex.

A course that caters to all levels of learning!

– Henrique Campanha

CG Artist Hossein Diba 3D Artwork (Annasophia Robb 3D Model)

This is really cool… everything is awesome and makes the viewer not to have a question about how stuff work.
Impressive to me, you have covered so many patterns… amazingly helpful and diverse…
With your awesome tutorials you have covered most of the questions one needs to have answers for to create different types of clothes, congrats

– Hossein Diba,

Arthur Gatineau Marvelous Designer Course Clothing He Created Testimonial 2

That’s really what I was looking for. I knew (MD) a tiny bit before, but I was mad each time I used it, nothing were working etc, it was so frustrating.
By following the course, I was able to quickly create belivable cloths for my characters (within 1st week).
Highly recommended for artists !

– Arthur Gatineau,

 Camille does an amazing job of simplifying a program that might seem overwhelming to a beginner.

Her videos are paced very well for those who have 3D experience or for the absolute beginner and her customer support is excellent.

I would never have been able to learn this wonderful program without her course and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating high-end 3D modeled clothing quickly and easily.

– Susan Wilson, Canada

Character Artist Glauco Longhi artwork 3d

CG Elves has the most extensive tutorials on Marvelous Designer that I`ve ever seen! The quality of the courses are amazing. I definitely recommend this for anyone trying to learn Marvelous and the art of Cloth making, specially if you’re in the game industry like myself.

– Glauco Longhi, Character Artist @ Naughty Dog

Vimal Kerketta artwork sample tom render

Hey Camille, honestly speaking you did a great job.
You introduced each tool in most simplest way possible. With dos and dont… Awesome job ..i loved it. Its really good. Easy to understand and full of info.
Great Job Camille (y)

– Vimal Kerketta, Character Artist

I have to tell you, the tutorial series is awesome… I’ve learned so much!
I’ve had MD since Version 3 and apparently had only cracked a few of the features.
Thanks so much for a wonderful product. It was money well spent.

 – Denise Vitola, USA

Jason-S-Wrench_testimonial review of CGElves Marvelous Designer video tutorials

Jaebea-Schreiber_review f Mastering Marvelous Designer Training by CG Elves

3D Cartoon Character Design Artist Vincent Menier - Disney Frozen Elsa Figurine wm

Marvelous Designer can be a very fast prototyping tool, a way to get a quick start on clothing or a robust simulation tool when there is the need to go deep in realism.
My main issue prior to CGElves was the lack of deep learning material.

CG Elves’ Marvelous Designer Training Program is the most complete resource to learn Marvelous Designer.

It provides a soft learning curve that gets you from learning the basics of the software to creating your own 3D clothing in a matter of hours.
As a professional user that needed to learn MD5 quickly, this program got me up to speed with industry standards quality in less than a week. I highly recommend it !”

– Vincent Ménier, France
Character Artist at Nordeus. Former Character Modeler at Illumination MacGuff and Unit Image.
Sculpted numerous collectibles for Disney, Warner Bros. and The Simpsons.

Art of Juergen Stein 3D Character Artist (SevenSins #3 Luxuria)

Actually I’m not a cheerleader for most the tuts out there, but the CG Elves are a real time saver
Lots of useful techniques and tips for problemsolving for all kinds of clothes.

I started (using) MD one year ago; the available training was spread all over the internet and the results in most cases looked like my stuff…weird, no pro level, and no idea how to improve it .

I bought the cgelves training and its exactly what you need if you have no real world sewing experience like me. Every parameter of the software is really well explained.”

 – Juergen Stein, Germany
(Image: SevenSins Project, clothes made in MD5 with ZBrush detailing)

3D Character Artist Hasan Bajramovic Sculpted PaganMin CU

First one that I found to be interesting and worth watching. Great course!

I Already could (create clothes in MD) but I did pick up some tricks and saw some great workflows…

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a advanced user of MD, CG Elves got you covered!
Definitely my go to place when it comes to picking up tricks and leveling up my MD knowledge.”

 – Hasan Bajramovic, Sarajevo, BiH
Character Artist for Blur Studios, Digic Pictures, Axis Animation and more. (Image: PaganMin Character for Blur Studios’ Far Cry 4 TV spot.)

Eyad Hussein Marvelous Designer Dress

I believe that Camille tutorials are the most extensive Marvelous Designer tutorials ever made, she covers everything in the application literally, and her teaching way is extremely simple.
I would recommend her tutorials for all 3D character artists, they are the best online!”

 – Eyad Hussein, Jordan
Character Technical Director at Buck. (Image: Clothing Eyad created in MD within a short time, after following our training.)

Do you want to be able to quickly create beautiful, dynamic 3D clothes for your 3D models?

Save lots of time! Instead of sculpting wrinkles for hours and studying cloth anatomy, create clothes faster than ever by using Marvelous Designer.

Marvelous Designer is a cutting-edge cloth simulation software used by leading artists and top studios to create realistic dynamic 3D clothing.
It is used for games like Assassins Creed and for movies like The Hobbit, TED, the Adventures of Tin Tin etc.

Since the Marvelous clothes are dynamic, they drape realistically on any pose.
And you can easily animate the clothing, as well as add wind to make the clothes blow.