Marvelous Designer Course Training Program for commercial studios schools and companies

Mastering Marvelous Designer Beginners Course & Advanced Workshops (Agency)

Mastering Marvelous Designer: A complete beginners course and advanced workshops – Click for full training program information.

This online, on-demand training program is for studios, agencies, schools and companies.

  • You get (aside from your account) 10 additional ‘seats’, which are logins for your artists team members/ employees/ interns or students.
  • Access to our online training and workshops is limited to 2 years, after which you have the option to renew access.

(If you require more seats or are a very small agency needing less seats contact our pre-sales support.)

  • Your studio will have a 2 year on-demand access to the training.
  • 10 users from your studio/ company can access training materials simultaneously.
  • You can train as many of your team as you need, however only 10 users can be logged in at same time.
  • You control the logins to these additional 10 user accounts, so you can manage your team access and change login passwords as needed.
  • You need not provide your own login to anyone, as it is associated with your customer account.


NOTE: The Extra logins will be set up and provided shortly after your purchase is confirmed.
Depending upon payment method you chose, your time zone and the volume of requests our support team needs to handle, this may take a few days to fulfill, though we strive to get all our customers the additional logins within 48h or less.
See the full training program information here >>