Marvelous Designer Garment Files Library of Dynamic 3D Clothing Templates Presets PatternsMarvelous Designer Garment Files Library of Dynamic 3D Clothing Templates Presets Patterns

136 Marvelous Designer Garment Files LIBRARY, +300 Presets (Invite Only. Artist Lic.)

Save tons of time by using our Marvelous Designer Garment Files. These are Ready-Made Dynamic 3D Marvelous Designer Clothes.

This Ultimate MD Clothing Pack includes 136 garment files,
134 garment patterns and cheats, plus
over +300 custom physical property presets.
Plus a BONUS woman’s 5-pocket pants garment file.

See in tabs below all images & more info about this Garments Library Time-Limited Deal.

  • Everything is already perfectly sewn up together and has correct physical properties applied onto each and every element and is ready for action – just adjust to your 3D model’s body shape.
  • We even give you a free tutorial how to fit our garments to your 3D models!
  • Our MD Garment Files can be used as-is, or mixed and matched to create novel garment items, as required.
  • Our Marvelous Designer clothes have pedantic attention to detail and are the best quality you’ll find.
  • Compatible with MD6, MD5 and MD4.

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Additional Product Information

All the Marvelous Clothes in this mega pack come with their patterns, custom physical property presets and often with our seamless texture, seams/stitches and so forth.

Since all these Marvelous Designer Dynamic Clothing items come with their custom physical property presets, you’ll now have a formidable library of over 300 custom physical property settings, that will also save you time whenever you create any kind of clothing in future – from collars to cuffs to complex quilted jackets to fancy skirts and more!

The total cost for all individual 136 garments would normally be:  $6,247 (USD)
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You have Royalty-Free usage rights, subject to our legal Terms & Conditions of Usage. In simple terms:
Use our garments as-is or alter as needed.
It’s OK to use these garments for prototyping, as a base to create other things, for your 3D models in your projects, in your freelance client work, your own 3D printables or ones you sell as Conforming in marketplaces like DAZ3D, Renderosity, SecondLife, Sansar, iClone etc.

HOWEVER, if you use our garment files for a school for your students, for commercial films, for studio AAA games, for in-app sales, in-game sales etc. – the business/es you do it for need/s to purchase commercial usage license from us.