2016/12/25 23:59:59

Decorate Your 3D Clothes or Cloth with Perfectly Tiling Fancy Trims

Marvelous Designer Decorative Seamless Trims Christmas Special

“Blessings and great savings” – Santa’s CG Elves

Our perfectly tiling seamless textures of fancy decorative trims, classic floral trim designs and life-like lace trims will enhance your 3D clothes and make them look more beautiful.

These fancy trim textures are also perfect for the decoration of any other kind of cloth- curtains, draperies, upholstery, table clothes, bed covers etc.


This Super-Saver Bundle consists of:

1 x pack of seamless tiling classic floral trims.

2 x packs of highly intricate dainty seamless lace trims

3 x packs of hyper-realistic fancy trims (especially great for renaissance/ Celtic/ royal / fantasy clothing)

Each pack has 10 unique textures with the total of 60 trims.

You can easily change colors / hues of the textures to create many more versions.
The lace trims are white, so you can apply any color you wish onto them.

These are the seamless hyper-realistic trim packs you’ll get:

You get a Royalty-Free license to use our textures in your projects. (Read the Terms and Conditions in checkout page)

Each pack costs $15 and has 10 unique tiling trim patterns
Total of 60 unique tiling fancy trim textures.
Total cost for all 6 trim packs  x $15 = $90.00  

Get ALL these 60 Beautiful Intricate Seamless Trims for
ONLY $19 (SAVE $71)!!!