30 Seamless Fabric Texture Packs incl Fancy Trims + Bonuses (Special for CGTrader)

Bundle of 30 Packs of Perfectly Tiling Seamless Fabric Textures & Lace Trims – Special Offer to CGTrader subscribers and customers!

This special time-limited deal is a bundle of 30 packs of our best seamless textures, stunningly life-like tiling fancy trims and intricate lace trims.

Each pack contains 10 textures, often with many additional free variations.
You are getting here over +300 unique seamless tiling textures.
Textures are 1024×1024 px in size.

Licensing is Royalty-Free usage for one single user (artist/ person purchasing). Read our terms & conditions.
If you are a company or Studio you need to get the commercial license pack  >>


Click for full info and galleries of the beautiful textures included in this library >>

Use our tileable material textures to texture 3D models; clothes and cloth, architectural interior renders & 2D CG artwork.

Our seamless tileable fabric textures are perfect for Marvelous Designer clothes, DAZ 3D and POSER clothes, for still renders or for use in films, animations, games, virtual worlds and more.

Included FREE are also 2 BONUSES – Towel & Terry texture pack and Denim texture pack!

$99   Now on SALE only: $69

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Additional Product Information

This MEGA Bundle of 30 Seamless Fabric Texture Packs consists of:

  • 27 packs of beautiful seamless fabric textures
  • 1 packs of life-like seamless lace trims
  • 2 packs of intricate fancy trims (especially great for renaissance/ Celtic/ royal / fantasy clothing).

Each pack has 10 unique textures and often includes free extra variations.

You can easily change colors / hues of the textures to create many more versions.

Some of these textures can look like amazing new material fabric grain, perfect for sportswear, or for silken smooth effects when you scale them down.


These are the seamless textures styles you are getting:

  1. Abstract designs
  2. Floral designs
  3. Leopard prints
  4. Stars
  5. Burlap fabric weaves
  6. Sweater & Sweatshirt Knit fabric weaves
  7. Stunning Batik designs:
    • Batik crazy waves
    • Batik dots spots paint splashes
    • Batik nature patterns
    • Batik leaves
    • Batik mixed designs
    • Batik swirls
    • Batik zigzags / herringbone
  8. Dots, spots & circles

Click for full info and galleries of the beautiful textures included in this MEGA Bundle >>

Realistic Seamless Denim Jeans Fabric Material Textures Pack by CG Elves

Realistic Seamless Denim Jeans Fabric Material Textures Pack