Hi-Res Lens Flares and Sparkles PNG Images

High-Res Photoshop Brush Sets & Stock PNG Images Bundle - Special Offer

Enhance Your 2D & 3D Artwork, Photos and Environments

This Bundle Includes:

  • 37 High-Res Realistic Cloud Brushes for Photoshop + 4 cartoon cloud brushes + 12 bird brushes + 10 rain brushes
  • 31 HD Fog / Mist Brushes for Photoshop and PNGs
  • 10 Dynamic Snowflakes Photoshop Brushes + 20 Pre-made Sky Full of Snowflakes Stamp Brushes (including blurred fast falling snow plus different variations of small and big falling snow)
  • 180+ Hi-Res Lens Flares Kit: Sparkles, Stage Lights, Lens Flares & Optical Flares Stock PNGs
  • 13 Spotlight Photoshop Brushes
  • 147 Magic Energy Fire Rays, Rings, Swirls & Orbs Stock PNGs

Quality Guaranteed!

Our Photoshop Brushes are the HIGHEST QUALITY, meticulously cleaned and triple-tested to meet highest standards.

All our brushes are guaranteed to be clean and free of any defective dirt around edges, cut off parts, dirty corners, grainy spots, or any other dirt (as is often found online).

You can use all our brushes and PNG stock images for any personal and commercial projects.

Our brushes are used by photographers, illustrators, concept artists, environment concept artists, architects, matte painting artists, 3D artists and 3D environment artists.

147 Hi-Resolution Magic Fire Energy Rays, Rings, Orbs etc (Watch Video)

PNG Images are 2000px Large. Easily Change Colors. BONUS 10 SD Fire & Rainbow Rings.

The Photoshop Cloud Brushes Set

Save time using our cloud brushes instead of painting clouds by hand!
These PS cloud brushes took us 10 long workdays to make and clean.

You get 37 Realistic clouds brushes – created from real cloud photos. 

+ BONUS #1: 4 Cartoon Style Cloud Brushes
+ BONUS #2: 12 Flying Bird Brushes
+ BONUS #3: 10 Rain Brushes

NOTE:  All our clouds are COMPLETE clouds. Many of the images below (in video) are closeups of part of a cloud, or a compilation of a few together.

Our Photoshop cloud brushes are BIG!

Some cloud brushes are as large as 3000 pixels in size!

You can scale them down to add nice little clouds in the sky, or use them really big on a low opacity to add ambient, spooky fog across your fantasy scene.

CG Elves Photoshop Cloud Brushes - Example Before our PS Clouds Were AddedCG Elves Photoshop Cloud Brushes - Example Photograph Scene with Our PS Brushes Added
Photoshop Birds Brush Set

31 HD Fog & Mist PNGs. Watch Video to See What Ya Get!

PNG Images are 2000px Large. Rising Fog and Mist Stock Images for Your Eerie Scenes CG Artwork.

10 Dynamic Realistic Snowflake Photoshop Brushes
+ 20 Bonus Pre-Made Falling Snow Stamp Brushes.

+180 Hi-Res 2000px Lens Flares, Optical Flares,
Sparkles, Stage Lights & Natural Lights (Watch Video)

BONUS: 13 Spotlight Brushes for Photoshop!

13 Spotlight Brushes for Photoshop with color example
Photoshop Brushes Spot Light 1
Photoshop Brushes Spot Light 5
Photoshop Brushes Spot Light 1 - Example 2

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