Mastering Marvelous Designer: Beginners Course & Advanced Workshops

Learn Marvelous Designer to Quickly Create Realistic, Awesome Looking Dynamic 3D Clothes!

Quickly make beautiful and dynamic clothes for your 3D models – for games, animation films, commercials, online virtual catalogs, DAZ/Poser/iClone and for sale on SecondLife, Sansar, SIMS 4, Renderosity etc.

Eliminate time waste and frustrations on lengthy self-learning attempts.

Even if you have NO sewing experience, never used MD before or don’t know how to make patterns, with our training you will speedily be able to create any clothes you need.

This training is designed for anyone; from complete beginners to intermediate/ advanced users who want to learn new techniques and advanced tricks, few others know.

By watching my entire workflow, you’ll understand the logic of clothes making and you’ll be able to create any kind of clothing, even if there are no patterns or tutorials for them.

You’ll also learn how to solve any garment simulation problems that arise.

You’ll gain new skills and increase your job opportunities.

Ryan Kingslien Mastering Marvelous Designer Testimonial 2017

CG Elves contains some of the best training I’ve seen. Short, straight forward tutorials that focus on tasks we need to master as artists.
It doesn’t get much better than this training for Marvelous Designer.

– Ryan Kingslien – first product manager of ZBrush, founder of ZBrushWorkshops and UArtsy, Certified ZBrush Instructor.

Camille Kleinman Marvelous Designer Trainer Expert

Your Instructor: Camille Kleinman.

Total hours: ~52.5 h

Delivery method: Video tutorials, 1080p HD quality.

Access: Single user, unlimited time & views
You will get access to online membership area.

You can watch training in an orderly way, or jump to specific workshops you need for your projects, as needed, whenever you have time, day or night.

Eric Gubata Mastering Marvelous Designer Testimonial CG Elves


Why Use Marvelous Designer?

Marvelous Designer is a cutting-edge software for quickly creating dynamic 3D clothes for your 3D models.

It is used in 3D games (i.e., video games, computer games, virtual worlds), animated commercials and for 3D animations and films (especially for digital doubles).

Traditional old-school 3D modeling and sculpting techniques require hours upon hours of hard work to produce perfectly real-looking wrinkles and folds in the garments. Additionally, you need to rig and animate the clothes and the results are never as convincing as with Marvelous.

  • With Marvelous Designer you can save time and money. No need for sculpting and re-sculpting wrinkles every single time you change your 3D avatar’s pose, or when your art director changes his mind about the clothing design.
  • Animating clothes in Marvelous Designer is easy and fast! You can import your animated models and even add wind to blow your clothes and capture realistic fabric movement.
  • Marvelous Designer perfectly fits into your production pipeline – you can import and export data between various modeling and animation software programs, such as Maya, 3DS Max, Softimage, Modo, and ZBrush.
  • In addition, all your UVs are laid out for you in MD which makes texturing your 3D garments easy.
  • Oh, and BTW… You don’t need to know how to sew in order to use MD – our Marvelous Designer training teaches you all about virtual 3D clothes making.

What Import and Export Formats Does Marvelous Designer Support?

Import & Export Formats Marvelous Designer (MD) Supports

Import Formats: OBJ, FBX, Collada, Maya Cache, Point Cache 2, MDD Cache (Standard), MDD Cache (Maya/3DS Max)

Export Formats: OBJ, FBX, LXO, OBJ Sequence, Maya Cache, Point Cache 2, MDD Cache (Standard), MDD Cache (Maya/3DS Max)

Mesh Format: Quads or Tris.

What Do Leading Studios Say About Marvelous Designer?

Marvelous Designer Clothes in The Hobbit (WETA Digital)

For The Hobbit we wanted to create a larger number of clothes that would be indistinguishable from the behaviour of real clothes when simulated. To do this we chose a pattern-based approach at the modelling stage that could accurately create the volume of the real clothing.

-James Moore, Senior Modeller, Weta Digital

Marvelous Designer Software Used in Assassins Creed Unity by Ubisoft

Marvelous Designers simulations are better than any other package on the market. I think Marvelous designer made the same type of impression to us artists as Zbrush did back in the days. It’s so powerful that it completely changed our workflow for the better..

– Boyon Raphael, Senior character artist in Ubisoft Montreal

Marvelous Designer 3D Digital Cloth Simulation Software Used in Assassin's Creed by Ubisoft 4

I definitely recommend Marvelous Designer to cg artists who are looking to save lots of time and take the guesswork out of creating credible cloth. Marvelous Designer is a very consistent and easy way of getting ultra-realistic clothing quickly which is extremely important on productions.

– Vince Rizzi, Senior character artist in Ubisoft Montreal

Marvelous Designer 3D Clothes Making Software Used in Assassin's Creed by Ubisoft Studio

I really enjoyed the fact that the simulated cloth models automatically had UVs right from the start, which is basically your pattern you built the garment with. This was useful for me in such cases where I would apply patterns/fabric details to the garment or paint stuff like stitching in Photoshop and apply it to the 3d model afterwards as a map..

– Vince Rizzi, Senior character artist in Ubisoft Montreal

MarvelousDesigner Clo3D Software Used in NIKE THE LAST GAME

Marvelous Designer has become a fundamental part of our toolset for creating digital garments and cloth simulations, I’m yet to see another system that allows you to model and visualize how a garment will look in its draped form. Also the way it handles multiple layers and detail, with such speed, accuracy and stability is simply amazing..

– Jamie Franks, Lead Effects Artist at Passion Pictures London

Marvelous Designer Clothing created by KONAMI - METAL GEAR SOLID V

Virtual representation of clothing has always been a big challenge in the area of modeling. We have been widely researching from multiple cloth simulation tools to 3D scanning system, but MD was the only product to fully meet our requirements from quality, functionality, speed, and data compatibility. The most powerful advantage I would say is the overall features..

– Takeya Inoguchi (Lead Character Artist at Konami Japan Studio)

Featured Corporate Customers

Plus thousands of CG artists creating clothing for games, films, book covers, 3D printables, marketplaces like DAZ, Renderosity and more!

Plastic Wax – Film Animation Studio – Logo of CG Elves Customer
CodeHatch Game Studio
Kite and Lightning VR Studio LA – CGElves customer
Squeeze Studio Animation inc.
EA Electronic Arts Game Studio
Virgin Media
Arcanum LLC
Connect J
Oculus Logo – Marvelous Designer Training – CG Elves Customer
Airship-Images Studio
HiRez Studios
Galatea Studios
Wicked Book Covers
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Crystal Dynamics Studio
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Merlin Entertainment – Logo of CG Elves Customer
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Visual Law

Our Featured Partners

Reallusion iClone
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3D World Magazine

How Will Our Marvelous Designer Training Help You?

Marvelous Designer Training Program Benefits for Artists
3D Character Artist Alessandro Baldasseroni breton_render

Mastering marvelous designer is an excellent course that guides you step by step in learning one of the key sofwares in any character modeling pipeline when it comes to the creation of realistic clothing.
Starting from the basics of the sofware, the course gradually introduces you through detailed video tutorials to the creation of piece of clothing of increasing complexity, in particular the workshop tutorials and theme exercises are extremely useful to anybody who wants to achieve realistic looking clothing and garments.

– Alessandro Baldasseroni,
Character Artist – Riot Games

3D Cartoon Character Design Artist Vincent Menier - Disney Frozen Elsa Figurine wm

Marvelous Designer can be a very fast prototyping tool, a way to get a quick start on clothing or a robust simulation tool when there is the need to go deep in realism.
My main issue prior to CGElves was the lack of deep learning material.

CG Elves’ Marvelous Designer Training Program is the most complete resource to learn Marvelous Designer.

It provides a soft learning curve that gets you from learning the basics of the software to creating your own 3D clothing in a matter of hours.
As a professional user that needed to learn MD5 quickly, this program got me up to speed with industry standards quality in less than a week. I highly recommend it !”

– Vincent Ménier, France
Character Artist at Nordeus. Former Character Modeler at Illumination MacGuff and Unit Image.
Sculpted numerous collectibles for Disney, Warner Bros. and The Simpsons.

“Mastering Marvelous Designer” Course Reviews

CG Artist Hossein Diba 3D Artwork (Annasophia Robb 3D Model)

This is really cool… everything is awesome and makes the viewer not to have a question about how stuff work.
Impressive to me, you have covered so many patterns… amazingly helpful and diverse…
With your awesome tutorials you have covered most of the questions one needs to have answers for to create different types of clothes, congrats

– Hossein Diba,

Arthur Gatineau Marvelous Designer Course Clothing He Created Testimonial 2

That’s really what I was looking for. I knew (MD) a tiny bit before, but I was mad each time I used it, nothing were working etc, it was so frustrating.
By following the course, I was able to quickly create belivable cloths for my characters (within 1st week).
Highly recommended for artists !

– Arthur Gatineau,

Character Artist Glauco Longhi artwork 3d

CG Elves has the most extensive tutorials on Marvelous Designer that I`ve ever seen! The quality of the courses are amazing. I definitely recommend this for anyone trying to learn Marvelous and the art of Cloth making, specially if you’re in the game industry like myself.

– Glauco Longhi, Character Artist @ Naughty Dog

Vimal Kerketta artwork sample tom render

Hey Camille, honestly speaking you did a great job. You introduced each tool in most simplest way possible.
With dos and dont… Awesome job ..i loved it. Its really good. Easy to understand and full of info.
Great Job Camille (y)

– Vimal Kerketta, Character Artist

Artwork of Henrique Campanha final04-resized

I was impressed with the amount of tutorials! Really many examples showing step by step how to build various types of clothes, from the simplest to the most complex. A course that caters to all levels of learning!

– Henrique Campanha

I have to tell you, the tutorial series is awesome I’ve learned so much!
I’ve had MD since Version 3 and apparently had only cracked a few of the features.
Thanks so much for a wonderful product.
It was money well spent.

– Denise Vitola, USA.

Art of Juergen Stein 3D Character Artist (SevenSins #3 Luxuria)

Actually I’m not a cheerleader for most the tuts out there, but the CG Elves are a real time saver
Lots of useful techniques and tips for problemsolving for all kinds of clothes.

I started (using) MD one year ago; the available training was spread all over the internet and the results in most cases looked like my stuff…weird, no pro level, and no idea how to improve it .

I bought the cgelves training and its exactly what you need if you have no real world sewing experience like me. Every parameter of the software is really well explained.”

– Juergen Stein, Germany
(Image: SevenSins Project, clothes made in MD5 with ZBrush detailing

About Our Marvelous Designer Training

Our Marvelous Designer training program is divided into 2 sections; a complete beginners introduction to the Marvelous Designer software and step by step workshops covering the entire workflow of creating intermediate and advanced 3D garments.

The training we provide is easy for anyone to follow, even if you are not a native English speaker and have zero experience with MD.
We designed this training in a logically organized and orderly flow. It is a detailed (yet condensed) step-by-step training, free of unnecessary fluff.

You do not need to waste time using any other garment pattern-drafting software, as some traditional seamstresses advocate.
We teach you how to interactively design and modify clothes in MD.

Regardless of the version of MD you use, the principals we teach you of how to create clothing remain the same. 

Like in the real world, all clothes are made based on one of the basic types of patterns.
So, once you understand the fundamentals of how to create all the basic types of clothing, you’ll be able to easily create any clothes you want.

You will no longer need to spend hours searching (and hoping) to find an exact pattern for the garment you want to create or looking up tutorials for that particular clothing item (and being stumped if you don’t find any).

Part 1: Marvelous Designer Course for Beginners

In the 6.5 hour comprehensive Marvelous Designer Beginners Course we cover in depth all the functions and buttons in MD, all the do’s and don’ts, what every tool is and how best to use it. We also provide extensive in-depth feature/tool updates and reviews for all new MD versions, as they come out!

See here below the breakdown of the course lessons:

Here you get an overview of the Marvelous Designer software interface, navigation, user settings & hotkeys, the sync and the simulate function as well as an introduction to the basic pattern tools.

You’ll learn how to edit and transform patterns with the edit and transform tools as well as how to transform them by an exact distance.

Learn how to add segment points at the exact distance you want them to be, the different options to split segment lines and how to make curves with the two different curve tools.

Discover how to turn fabric inside-out, flip normals, create symmetric patterns, mirror patterns, unfold patterns and arrange patterns.

Additionally, you will learn how to use the round corner tool and how to align segment points to the X-axis or Y-axis.

All about Sewing in Marvelous Designer:
Free sewing, segment sewing, 1:N sewing, edit sewing, reverse sewing, deactivate/ activate sewing, hide & show sewing and how to move sewing as well as sew by an exact distance.

You’ll also learn all about the seam puckering as well as the flat or the turned sewing line type.

All about internal shapes and internal lines:
You’ll learn how to create internal circles, internal rectangles and internal lines, as well as how to make elastic bands and gathers using elastic internal lines.

You’ll also learn how to make pockets using internal shapes, how to make holes from internal shapes, how to fold internal lines, how to sew onto internal lines, how to copy internal shapes as patterns or how to copy patterns as internal shapes.

You’ll find out how to cut your patterns, trace segment lines as internal lines or trace internal shapes as patterns, use the offset tool to create shapes in shapes and how to make curved internal lines in Marvelous Designer.

Discover how to use the Marvelous Designer Fold Arrangement tool to fold up sleeves, collars, fabric edges and towels, as well as how to control fold angles, remove sharp folds and sew down folded fabric to get a doubled edge look.

Learn how to make darts and double darts, what they are and how to use them.

All about fabrics & texturing in Marvelous Designer.

These tutorials will teach you how to:

  • Apply color and textures onto clothes in MD
  • Load in textures or drag them in from the Library tab
  • Organize the Library tab
  • Desaturate textures, change the intensity of the dark and light areas the texture and change the overall hue of the applied texture
  • Change the fabric front, back and side colors and textures
  • Use the color picker, color palettes, the fabric assign button
  • Add a specular map
  • Transform textures
  • Export diffuse color combined on texture
  • Add fabric weaves/ fabric grain detail with normal maps and how to transform the normal map separate from the diffuse texture
  • Make lace trims for your 3D garments

Next I’ll introduce you to the 2D Graphics Tool and teach you how to:

  • Add onto your clothes logos, text, images, stitches, fancy trims and a fly for pants.
  • Change colors of 2d graphics, transform them, copy and paste the 2d graphics and change the Front/Back/Side Face Options

In this Marvelous Designer tutorial, you’ll learn all about pattern thickness and how to change the particle distance to get more details into your clothes.

In this lesson you’ll learn how to use the Marvelous Designer Geometry curved sides options to round off fabric edges.

This lesson is all about the Marvelous Designer Fabric Physical Property settings and how to modify these settings to change the way your cloth hangs/ simulates/ animates. Additionally, you will learn how to export/ import Physical Property Presets and Fabric Presets in Marvelous Designer.

Measuring your avatars is important for every clothes design, so in this lesson I teach you how to measure any avatar you import using the tape measurement tool, the surface measurement tool and the height measurement tool. You’ll understand the difference between basic and surface measurement types and we’ll explore the Measure tab.

Find out all about Avatar Friction, Cloth Friction and Avatar Skin Offset in Marvelous Designer.

You’ll discover how to use these settings to keep clothes from slipping off the avatars’ body (especially useful for waistbands in animations) as well as how to make the clothing items (like gloves) drape tighter against the avatar’s body.

This lesson is all about the layer clone feature and pressure settings. How to correctly use these tools to add thickness to your clothes (especially good for winter jackets) and inflate things without blowing them away as well as what to do and what not to do.

In this lesson you’ll be introduced to the selecting & pinning tools.

You’ll learn how to use these tools to select, move and pin parts of your clothes, how to add and remove from the selection or from a pinned area and also how to attach/ detach pins from your avatar.

I’ll also show you how to roll-over and roll-under sleeves using the select mesh tool, as well as how to roll up trouser legs plus a trick how to make stiffer ‘ironed’ looking folds.

In this Marvelous Designer tutorial, you’ll discover how to best to use the tacking and basting tools.

Learn how to work with patterns in the 3D Garment window:

  • Freezing, deactivating, hiding and showing patterns
  • How to turn clothes from triangles into quads.
  • How to solve cloth penetration issues
  • How to super-impose patterns over or under other patterns
  • How to use layer settings to layer patterns over each other for complex clothes

Discover the Direct Positioning Tool and learn how to use it to place avatars & props (i.e., 3D models such as buttons, zippers etc.) and pattern pieces directly onto your clothes with one click.

Here you’ll learn all about piping in Marvelous Designer:

  • How to create piping
  • How to edit piping
  • How to get rid of visible gaps where piping meets
  • How to change the piping thickness, colors, textures and physical properties
  • How to pipe on internal lines
  • How to freeze, deactivate, activate, hide and show piping

In this lesson we’ll be navigating around the Scene tab, renaming patterns and folding seams to learn the effect of doing so.

Learn all About Bounding Volumes & Arrangement Points.
Discover what they are used for, how to wrap clothes around your avatars, how to import export BV & A-points as well as how to make your own Bounding Volumes & Arrangement Points for any one of your avatars (no matter what body shape or how many limbs it has).

In this lesson you’ll learn all about the Marvelous Designer UV tool.

In this lesson you’ll discover how to use Shrink-weft/ Shrink-warp to fit one clothing item to all kinds of avatars, for example, from a man to an overweight woman, to an alien woman with very long arms and legs and even to a small child.

This lesson is all about posing Avatars (3D models) in Marvelous Designer.

  • Learn how to pose MD avatars
  • How to pose your imported avatars with Xray Joints
  • Draping clothes on an animated Collada
  • Posing frozen OBJ avatars with the import morph target option

Here you’ll learn how to change lights, add wind in Marvelous Designer and modify Gravity settings, as well as a cool trick how to fill up skirts (for crinoline dresses, ballgowns, medieval dresses etc).

Here we’ll explore animating in Marvelous Designer:

  • How to animate Marvelous Designer avatars
  • How to import your own animated avatars
  • How to record cloth animation
  • How to export cloth animations
  • How to extract and export poses and joint motion data from animated models

And finally we’ll cover the File Menu options. You will learn:

  • All the open, import and add options for garments, props and avatars
  • How to load in multiple garments into one project and multiple avatars
  • How to deactivate avatars
  • How to add props, prop vs. avatar and how the cloth drapes on them
  • The export options
  • How to make a snapshot of your 3d Garment window, how to change the color/ image and when not to save a snapshot with a transparent background

Part 2: Marvelous Designer Advanced Workshops

The Marvelous Designer Advanced Workshops are over 46 hours of Intense Training Designed to Turn You into a PRO!

This part of the Marvelous Designer training provides you with detailed step-by-step workshops covering every aspect you’ll need when designing and making virtual clothing for your 3D models.

You’ll learn the basics of how to create all kinds of clothes, with many advanced techniques and tricks!

You’ll also learn how to create cuffs, collars, ribbons, a bow tie and suit tie, buttons, pockets and advanced techniques and tricks for pleating, quilting and creating puffed jackets.

In short – all you’ll need to get started making awesome marvelous 3D clothes! :)

Shirts, Tops & Hoodies Workshop Overview

In this workshop you’ll learn all the basics and advanced techniques of making shirts, tops and hoodies for men and women starting with an introduction to the principals of making Marvelous Designer shirts.

Follow along the video tutorials in the shirts, tops & hoodies workshop and start creating your first marvelous shirts!

After you learn the sleeves workshop you’ll be able to create any kind of dynamic 3D shirt, blouse or sweatshirt you need.
(Sleeves and shirts techniques are also invaluable when making other Marvelous Designer clothing, such as dresses).

You’ll learn how to create:

  • A sleeveless tank-top
  • A girls’ tennis shirt
  • A Raglan sleeve shirt
  • 2 Dolman shirts
  • A sensual soft hanging cowl shirt
  • An elegant shirt with a lace panel
  • An off-the-shoulder sleeved shirt
  • Recreating a designer shirt
  • A formal womens’ shirt
  • A buttoned mens’ shirt
  • A basic mens’ tank-top
  • Mens’ T-shirt
  • Mens’ polo shirt
  • Womens’ hoodie
  • A mens’ hoodie

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Modify a shirt to fit your model
  • Add wash tags and logos
  • Create shoulder straps that cross over the back
  • Model shoulder straps that tie around the neck
  • Add seams and stitches
  • Make buttons, cuffs and collars
  • Generate a shirring effect
  • Overlay a pattern design
Jackets & Coats Workshop Overview

In this workshop for Dynamic 3D Marvelous Designer jackets & coats you’ll learn how to create:

  • An elegant womens’ jacket with a notched collar
  • A womens’ winter jacket
  • A mens’ windbreaker jacket
  • A mens’ rain jacket
  • A mens’ double breasted felt coat
  • A mens’ down sweater jacket
  • A mens’ quilted jacket
  • A mens’ quilted bomber jacket

You’ll also learn how to make pockets, buttons, hoods, collars and cuffs, as well as advanced techniques for easily creating quilting and puffed effects. Additionally you’ll master the creation of lovely tiny wrinkle details and you’ll know how to control the quantity and direction of wrinkles in your jackets.

Tuxedo 3-Piece Suit Workshop Overview

In this Marvelous Designer Tuxedo workshop you’ll learn how to create formal suit pants, a suit shirt with cuff links, a suit tie, as well as a tuxedo shirt with a pleated front and a bow tie.

Next, you’ll learn how to create a tuxedo vest and how to make a tuxedo jacket with three typical kinds of collars; a notched collar, a peaked collar, and a shawl collar.

Conquering Sleeves Workshop Overview

In the Mastering Marvelous Designer Sleeves Workshop you’ll learn how to create all typical kinds of sleeves which you’ll need for jackets, shirts, dresses, cloaks etc. We’ll start with the basics of how to draft the patterns for a one piece and a two piece sleeve.

These are the kinds of sleeves covered in this Marvelous Designer workshop:

  • Angel sleeves
  • A variety of Bishop sleeves
  • A special big fancy Bishop sleeve
  • Hanging sleeves (Such as used in medieval costumes, G.O.T., L.O.T.R. etc)
  • Kimono sleeves
  • Lantern sleeves
  • Open-shoulder sleeves
  • 3 kinds of puffed sleeves: Regular-Puff, Puffed-Bottom and Puffed-Off
  • A Juliet sleeve
  • Leg-O-Mutton sleeves (aka. Gigot sleeves)
  • Petal sleeves
  • Ruffle Butterfly Flutter sleeves
  • And a trick for a twisted sleeve that does not untwist itself!
Skirts Workshop Overview

In this Marvelous Designer skirts workshop you’ll learn how to create a very large variety of skirts. You can later use these to create various dresses as well.

You’ll also discover the easiest way to create knife pleats, rolled organ pleats, box pleats, a box pleated skirt with a yoke, stitched-top box pleats, how to quickly create an accordion pleated skirt and a sunburst pleated skirt.

You’ll learn how to create the:

  • Circle skirt
  • Gathered skirt
  • A-Line flared skirt
  • A-Line paneled skirt
  • Gored skirt
  • Layered ruffle skirt
  • Petal tulip skirt
  • Handkerchief skirt
  • Layered handkerchief skirt
  • Paneled handkerchief skirt
  • Asymmetric handkerchief fairy skirt
  • Peasant skirt
  • Tiered skirt
  • Star skirt
  • Layered witch skirt
  • Wrap skirt
  • Fancy wrap skirt with layers of lace
  • Draped skirt with a petal back and a regular back
  • 2 kinds of paneled Fishtail skirts
  • Gathered Fishtail Skirt
  • Multiple pleating techinques
Dresses Workshop Overview

You’ll learn in this Marvelous Designer dress making workshop how to create 16 kinds of dresses. By following these tutorials you’ll know how to make a corset, corset strings, regular and fancy large ribbons, off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves, a gathered skirt, gores, how to pin up a skirt, fancy open hanging sleeves, a crossing top and side-crossing neck straps.

  • Gathered dress with a shirred waistband
  • Polka dress with a big ribbon
  • Spring dress with a waistband ribbon
  • Maxi dress
  • Jolly layered dress
  • Elegant gored dress
  • Club dress
  • Bad girl dress
  • Tigress dress with crossing neck straps
  • Sexy seductress dress
  • Executive dress
  • Dress with an un-ironed box pleated skirt
  • Elegant long velvet dress
  • Red riding hood dress
  • Lady in waiting costume
  • Bonus walk-through of the Juliet dress
Pants & Shorts Workshop Overview

In our Marvelous pants workshop you’ll learn to create all the kinds of pants you will need. We’ll go through creating several kinds of loose soft hanging yoga pants, puffed Royal pants, two kinds of Ottoman pants, skin tight leggings with holes (which can be turned into stockings when using a net texture).
Additionally, you’ll learn to create a pair of exercise pants with a shirred waistband, the principles of harem pants, cool looking gored dance pants, fancy flared bottom pants and a pair of trendy sport pants with side pockets.

I’ll teach you how to make mens’ swim / sport shorts, mens’ board shorts with a ribbon, a pair of trousers (which, depending on the texturing you do, could be leather pants or jeans).

You’ll even learn how to make a belt (including a placeholder buckle) in Marvelous Designer and how to thread the belt through the buckle and attach it properly to the pants.

Capes & Cloaks Workshop Overview

You’ll learn how to create:

  • A classic hooded cape with a ribbon
  • A highly pose-able multi-part cape
  • A pixie cape with a pointed hood
  • A typical super-hero cape
  • 2 kinds of torn ripped capes
  • A spiky vampire bat cape
  • A layered vampire cape
  • A wizard cloak
  • A Galaxy Warrior style cloak

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Two ways to make a stiff rim to keep the hoods shape
  • How to attach a cape onto your imported avatar’s costume/armor
  • The best ways how to make holes and ripped cloth in MD
Hoods & Hats Workshop Overview

In this Marvelous Designer Hoods & Hats workshop you’ll learn how to make different shaped hoods, pointed hoods, standing up hoods, long pointed hanging hoods, a robber’s mask, a hoodlum hood, closed hoods, elastic-rim hoods which fit snugly around the face, plus a 2-piece hood and a 3-piece hood, which is commonly used for jackets.
You’ll also learn how to create a cap hat, a beanie winter hat, a cool looking witch’s hat and a floppy sunhat.

Marvelous Designer Garment File Witch Hat Dynamic Clothes
Marvelous Designer Beanie Hat Clothes Patterns Garment File
GarmentFile_Hats_sunhat6_Marvelous Designer 3D Garments
GarmentFile_Hats_cap-6b-opt-sh_MD5 Hat Patterns for Sale
Marvelous Designer ski mask facial cover
Marvelous Designer Closed Hood with shoulder covering for dwarf costume or winter clothes
Marvelous Designer Pointed Elf Hood
Marvelous Designer Pixie Hood
Marvelous Designer Religious Head Cover and Cape and for Dwarf Costumes
Marvelous Designer Robbers Mask Special Task Force Face Mask Costume
BONUS: Military Clothes & Officer Uniform Workshop

In this workshop you’ll learn how to make military cargo pants, a raglan military combat shirt, as well as an officer’s shirt.

Change the colors, patterns and add any badge to create a police officer uniform or other civil service uniform.

You’ll also learn how to create fake piping, box pleated pockets and tricks how to stuff them so they stick out.

Camille's Bathing Robe Workshop Overview

Last of all, I’ll teach you how to create a cuddly bathrobe and how to tie the knot and modify the physical properties to keep it from opening up again.

Camille's Bathing Robe digital garment pattern

Membership Area Walkthrough


“Camille does an amazing job of simplifying a program that might seem overwhelming to a beginner.

Her videos are paced very well for those who have 3D experience or for the absolute beginner and her customer support is excellent.

I would never have been able to learn this wonderful program without her course and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating high-end 3D modeled clothing quickly and easily.”

– Susan Wilson, Canada

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ALL Training Modules are available to you Online, On-Demand, so you can learn what you need whenever you need.

(If you are a school or need multiple seat access for a team please contact us  for pricing)

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3D Character Artist Hasan Bajramovic Sculpted PaganMin CU

First one that I found to be interesting and worth watching. Great course!

I Already could (create clothes in MD) but I did pick up some tricks and saw some great workflows…

Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a advanced user of MD, CG Elves got you covered!
Definitely my go to place when it comes to picking up tricks and leveling up my MD knowledge.”

 – Hasan Bajramovic, Sarajevo, BiH
Character Artist for Blur Studios, Digic Pictures, Axis Animation and more. (Image: PaganMin Character for Blur Studios’ Far Cry 4 TV spot.)

Eyad Hussein Marvelous Designer Dress

I believe that Camille tutorials are the most extensive Marvelous Designer tutorials ever made, she covers everything in the application literally, and her teaching way is extremely simple.
I would recommend her tutorials for all 3D character artists, they are the best online!

 – Eyad Hussein, Jordan
Character Technical Director at Buck. (Image: Clothing Eyad created in MD within a short time, after following our training.)

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David Hughes Customer Testimonial 20160307
Jason-S-Wrench_testimonial review of CGElves Marvelous Designer video tutorials