Reallusion Street Fashion Marvelous Designer Select Series for Character Creator

Converting Marvelous Designer Garments to Reallusion Character Creator Clothes

Reallusion launches a revolutionary iClone7/CC Street Fashion Cloth Base pack. This Street Fashion Base Clothing pack includes 12 sophisticated clothes licensed from us (CG ELves) with enhanced details, Soft-cloth physics enabled and Morph compatible, as well as other bonuses and essential Marvelous Designer Pipeline to Character Creator tutorials for making clothing for iClone and CC.

Do you need to Import your own Custom Character in a Custom Pose / Animation into Marvelous Designer?

You probably at some stage will need to import your own 3D character, (rigged or not) and create cloths for your 3D model in a specific pose or animation.

You can import your own 3D characters and pose them in any pose you need and/or animate your Avatars in the Marvelous Designer software. (more…)

If you are looking for a Marvelous Designer Discount coupon or for a Marvelous Designer Coupon code you’re in for a hard time finding one, unless you are upgrading and get the promotional discount for Marvelous Designer upgrade.

Unfortunately, MD don’t seem to like the idea of offering coupons, having affiliates to share revenue with or offering special deals.
Having practically no competition to their Marvelous Designer software, they see no reason to do what so many other companies do – AKA, provide special offers and coupon codes.

A Steamy Marvelous Designer Deal?

So of course, when Steam made a deal with Marvelous Designer to sell Marvelous Designer on Steam this made Steam look extra hot.

There was Special Price Offer of $200 for Marvelous Designer on Steam, versus the $360/y (with ongoing upgrades but access ends if you stop paying) or the perpetual license costing $550 (but without new version upgrades) you’d normally shell out on the website.

This huge Marvelous Designer Discount didn’t last too long and is now selling on Steam for $320 – you’d think it’s still like a cool Marvelous Designer Coupon reduction of $230, but there are a few important things you need to understand, so you’re not foggy-brained when deciding if to buy Marvelous Designer on Steam and avoid getting your fingers burnt… (more…)

What is the Marvelous Designer Steam Version?

Steam is a multi-player platform developed by Valve Corporation. The Steam platform is used to distribute games and related media online. Steam also sells software to its Steam users and game developers and provides its users with installation and automatic management of software across multiple computers.

The Marvelous Designer Steam Version is offered in the Steam store with what seems like a great discount but is it for anyone or just for Steam users? Find out about this and more in our Review of Marvelous Designer on Steam for Steam. (more…)

Marvelous Designer Open Source version of the software doesn’t exist. Marvelous Designer is NOT a free software so it is NOT OpenSource or ‘Damaged/Opened Box’ or other lies some illegal download sites and shops promote. You cannot get an Open-source Marvelous Designer and the only legal download is from their website.
See further down what Open Source components are used in the Marvelous Designer software.
Check out our info here if you need a LEGAL free Marvelous Designer download. If you seek pirated (more…)

If you are a Marvelous Designer beginner user you’ll need a Marvelous Designer Beginner Tutorial to help get you started with the program and to be able as soon as possible to create the 3D dynamic clothing you need.

Want the best Marvelous Designer tutorials for beginners?  Learn how to quickly make realistic dynamic 3D Clothes in Marvelous Designer with the CG Elves Mastering Marvelous Designer Training for beginners and for advanced MD users.

Our 6.5-hour Marvelous Designer Beginners Course covers in-depth all the buttons and tools in MD, all the does and dont’s, what every tool is and how best to use it.

No other Marvelous Designer tutorials will teach you what we do and in the easy and well-structured learning curve Camille has created for you.

Instead of wasting time hunting for beginners tutorials take our 1-month membership and if you have lots of free time you can learn the entire program and transit yourself from a Marvelous Designer Beginner to a Pro!
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The recommended Marvelous Designer system requirements to run Marvelous Designer 6 in 2017 successfully on your machine are:

    CPU i7 3.0 GHz (Sandy Bridge, ivy bridge, and Haswell, Devil’s Canyon Microarchitecture)
    GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 and above
    RAM 16GB and above 8GBNvidia graphic cards work best with Marvelous Designer.
    Most ATI and Quadro graphic cards are compatible, but there may be problems with Intel graphic cards (especially HD and Iris).
  2. MAC OS – Not properly supported and or very buggy running MD on this OS.
    We personally and unfortunately have an expensive 27″ iMac with every possible extra CPU and enhancements with a top graphics card and it still crashes very often on the Windows side. MD4, MD5 and MD6 are a nightmare to simulate here. On the Mac side you can forget it. Even Photoshop functions poorly on the Mac side and does better on the Window side of iMac. Best get a cheap $2k Asus laptop for better performance.

The Cloth Simulation takes a lot of time and resources, especially for fancy multi-layered garments with lots of material and detail. So the Marvelous Designer requires a powerful system/ machine. Best get one with as much RAM as possible, and the more cores the better you’ll fair.


For those of you seeking a Marvelous Designer Tutorial or who need to properly learn how to use Marvelous Designer software program and how to make clothes in Marvelous Designer, we have the best Marvelous Designer tutorials.

The CG Elves Mastering Marvelous Designer is an on-demand, online professional training program with over 52h of video training. It covers everything a total beginner needs to know with our Marvelous Designer Beginners tutorials course teaching you about the software ins and outs and then very in-depth Marvelous Designer step-by-step workshops with Marvelous Designer tutorial videos on making all sorts of dynamic 3D clothing from simple to advanced.

CG Elves is now offering a monthly membership plan designed for artists on shoestring budget.

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