Marvelous Designer 7 Tutorial Camera Controls and Custom Views

Marvelous Designer 7 Video Tutorial: Camera Controls, Camera Presets & Custom Views

In this free Marvelous Designer 7 video tutorial, you’ll learn about the new features of Camera controls, Camera presets, and Custom Views.
You’ll also learn how to how to rotate around your avatar, pan, and move around your 3D Garment window using your mouse buttons and using the Marvelous Designer 7 camera controls and settings. Discover how to create Custom Views, and Camera presets which you can import in any other Marvelous Designer project.

Marvelous Designer 7 Review and Video Tutorials Camille Kleinman

Marvelous Designer 7 New Features Video Tutorials & Reviews

Learn about all the Marvelous Designer 7 new features with our feature reviews and free Marvelous Designer 7 video tutorials! Discover what every tool does and how best to use it in your workflow to create awesome Marvelous Designer clothes. Learn about Marvelous Designer 7 stitching, zippers, flattening, segment darts, 3D line tools, Marvelous Designer to Sansar bridge… and so much more!

Free Marvelous Designer 7 Tutorial Texture Transform Tool

Marvelous Designer 7 Tutorial: New Texture Transform Tool

In this free Marvelous Designer 7 tutorial, you’ll learn all about the Marvelous Designer 7 texture transform tool and how to use it.
You’ll learn how to assign textures to fabrics, how to assign fabrics to Marvelous Designer patterns, how to scale textures, distort textures, how to rotate textures, how to reset fabric textures, how to select all the clothing patterns in your Marvelous Designer project which have the same fabric applied, as well as what the “Align Fabric Grain” options do and how to use them.

Marvelous Designer 7 Zippers Tutorial Camille Kleinman

Marvelous Designer 7 Zipper Tutorial

In this free Marvelous Designer 7 video tutorial, you’ll learn all about the new zipper feature and how to create zippers on your Marvelous Designer garments.
Discover how to correctly create zipper strips to avoid simulation issues, how to modify zipper strips and zipper pullers/sliders, change zipper colors/textures/size/width/thickness, change the direction of the zipper, open and close zippers (fasten/unfasten zipper), create fake zippers and concealed zippers, and solve common simulation issues to do with zipping up zippers.

Marvelous Designer 7 Video Tutorial Line 3D Garment Tool - Tutorial by Camille Kleinman

Marvelous Designer 7 Tutorial: Line 3D Garment Tools

Free Marvelous Designer 7 feature tutorial! Learn all about the new “Line (3D Garment)” Tools in Marvelous Designer 7 and how to use them. You’ll discover how to create cutting lines & reference lines on your garments, how to edit the 3D Garment lines and add more points to existing lines, how to delete 3D Garment lines, how to convert 3D Garment lines to internal lines and internal shapes, as well as how to convert those internal shapes to holes and pattern pieces.

How to Change Marvelous Designer Avatar Texture and Color?

Learn how to change the Marvelous Designer avatar texture, skin color, hair color & texture, shoe color & texture and eye color, as well as the avatar’s specular and shininess settings to create any style mannequin you want from plastic to wood.
You can change the default Marvelous Designer avatar’s texture as well as custom imported avatars’ textures and colors.

Marvelous Designer Topstitch Video Tutorial CG Elves Camille Kleinman

Marvelous Designer 7 Topstitch Feature Tutorial

In this free Marvelous Designer Topstitch video tutorial, you’ll learn all about the Topstitch tool, how to create Topstitch lines, how to edit Topstitches, how to create Topstitch presets and assign presets, how to delete Topstitch lines… how to stitch pockets, how to create stitched text effects on clothes, how to create curved stitching, how to stitch on internal lines, and more!

Marvelous Designer Avatar Reset Pose

How to Reset Default Avatar Pose in Marvelous Designer

Did you distort your Marvelous Designer avatar and twist it into a queer pose?
Here’s how you can quickly reset the default avatar pose in Marvelous Designer to bring the avatar back to the initial pose and undo any damage you did to it. This works with default Marvelous Designer avatars as well as with custom imported avatars. To reset the avatar’s pose, simply right-click anywhere on…

Marvelous Designer 7 to Sansar Workflow Tutorial and Tips

Marvelous Designer 7 to Sansar: Workflow Video Tutorials, Tips, Review & Troubleshooting

Learn how to convert Marvelous Designer clothes to Sansar clothes using the new bridge and sell Sansar clothes in the Sansar marketplace. Most in-depth Marvelous Designer to Sansar troubleshooting tips, how to solve and avoid common conversion issues, how to texture Marvelous Designer Sansar clothes, how to render Sansar clothes, and quickly create hundreds of Sansar clothes from one Marvelous Designer garment. We’ve also included free resources for texturing Sansar clothes!