Join our Affiliate Program and Earn Good Money from Sales to Every Visitor You Refer!

Why Become Our Affiliate Partner?

  • We have awesome products that will help your artists.

  • Our affiliates get 30% commission on ALL products.Payments are Net+15.

  • After you earn $20,000 in commissions (total) you will get 40%.
    After you earn more than $50,000 in total commissions, you get 45% as your commission rate from then onward!

How Much Can You Earn?

After a person adds the MD training to cart, he or she gets presented with a few highly relevant and greatly discounted offers.
These add-on special deals will be a big time saver in their workflow and help artists make better and prettier clothing, even faster.

People love them and from our early tests over 40%% purchased the 1st upsell and 15% went on to also purchase the 2nd one.

We actually have 2 funnels; one for the artists which is a single user license, and an Enterprise one for studios and companies.

This is our sales funnel for the Artist:

  1. Marvelous Designer training program – $399 (reduced to $99 with the special $300 coupon you will get from us)

  2. 1st upsell: MEGA pack of Marvelous Designer clothing patterns & presets – $99 (extremely useful)

  3. 2nd upsell: MEGA pack of beautiful seamless fabric textures for texturing 3D clothes/cloth – $99 (greatly discounted as well)

Artist’s funnel income:

30% of  $99 = $29.70
30% of  $99 = $29.70
30% of  $99 = $29.70

Studio funnel income:

30% of   $1,497 = $449.10  (You get a coupon for $500 off of $1,997)
30% of   $2,200 =  $660.00     or a downsell to $599 = $179.70
30% of      $499 =  $149.70

Why Promote Our Training?

We created the 1st and only training program on how to make dynamic 3D clothes using Marvelous Designer (MD). In fact, we put MD on the map when we launched our training in Sep’ 2015.

Marvelous Designer cloth simulation software is a cutting-edge software used by leading artists and studios to create beautiful clothes for 3D models, best selling MMORPG games, virtual worlds, 3D animations and for dressing digital doubles in major motion pictures.

Marvelous Designer cloth simulation software is essential for ZBrush users, DAZ / Poser users, iClone users, cartoons artists, animators, VR, game artists, content creators for marketplaces, 3D modelers and artists creating 3D printable action figures.

In spite of it all, not all artists know of the MD software. It is not yet part of 3D school curriculum and the makers have not properly promoted it. We have the BEST training bar none for this software.

We all have a great opportunity here, with a hungry, wide open market, and no competition!


With our easy to follow step by step training artists will quickly be able to create the clothes they need for their projects.

Our beginners’ course will help artists perfectly understand how to use the software. By following our step-by-step  workshops artists can rapidly master the art of digital clothes design and creation. Some of our students created their first garments just under 1 week following our easy training program.

We have an extremely high quality training product. We teach techniques and tricks nobody else knows.

Just read the raving reviews top 3D character artists gave us.

Consider also how cost affordable our product is for studios, instead of hiring a trainer, flying him over and high monthly wages…
Instead, our solution is so much better and cheaper, as it is on-demand, online and they can repeat a lesson or workshop whenever required, day or night.

I'm a newbie... How Does an Affiliate Program Work?

The process is very simple:

  1. You sign up to join our program.
  2. Once approved and your account is active, you can access the affiliate center and get your marketing links and materials.
  3. You post on your website, social / online and /or email about the offer to your list.
    You use the special affiliate link in order to link to our site. (Not just an ordinary link to our site).
  4. Your visitor/ customer/ member etc. clicks on your CGElves affiliate link on your site or in an email.
  5. The visitors arrives on our site. Their IP gets logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.
  6. The visitor browses our site, and may decide to order.
  7. If the visitor orders, the order will be registered as a sale for you and you will receive commission for this sale.

How Does the Tracking Work?

We offer 2 ways to track referrals to you:

  1. Through people clicking your special CGElves affiliate link and/or
  2. Through a custom coupon code we assign to you, so when they input this code in the cart or checkout page this sale is tracked to you. This is useful when you post about our products/special deals on your website/s and social media properties. Everyone wants a coupon and will make sure to use the code.
    If they share the coupon with friends then this gets tracked to you as well and our system then credits you for that customer.Can happen people post a coupon somewhere online, or pass it on to artist friends, but usually they won’t think to pass on your affiliate link.
    So this is an awesome feature we offer you to make sure you earn as much as possible!
    NOTE: Most coupons are time-limited promotions. We do not allow unlimited coupons to be posted on websites unless it is in a closed members only area.
  3. Custom Domain – once we approve your domain in our system, you can simply direct link to us from a page or post on your website, no need for a link looking like an affiliate link! This is usually looking better for you in eyes of your visitors.For email promotions – if you use MailChimp and similar services to manage your list, test direct linking as it may work fine also in emails. Otherwise use the Affiliate Coupon assigned to you and or your affiliate link.

Is the affiliate tracked across all pages of the site?

Absolutely! Since the affiliate’s ID is stored in a cookie, the affiliate is tracked across all pages on the site. If the customer visits any other page on our website and purchases, the tracked affiliate will receive a commission.

Note, when a visitor arrives to our website with a coupon we created for you, there is no need for tracking via a cookie.

When visitor purchases and uses your coupon, that sale is credited to you, regardless if they found this coupon from a friend sharing it or somewhere online and not even on your website.

People might share your special affiliate coupons and the sales make you money!

How does your Affiliate coupon tracking function?

We connect coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts in our eCom shoppingcart system.
Then, anytime the coupon is redeemed, the connected affiliate is awarded a referral, exactly as though the customer had clicked to our site via a referral URL.

This is excellent to combat those who remove session cookies from their browsers, who logged in from another device or a computer and purchased by directly going to our website, even if you initially referred them. They won’t be tracked and credited to you, in such cases, and we can’t help it really.

So we configured a smart additional way to get you credited for your good efforts – by tracking the use of coupon codes to your affiliate account!

Coupons everybody will use :)

Can I post my affiliate coupon online?

Most coupons are time-limited promotions and no issues with you posting about a promotion in your social media properties and website/s.

However, we do not allow evergreen coupons to be posted on websites, unless it is inside your members-only area.

Evergreen means coupons without a specific end date.

Do I Get Paid If My Referrals Don't Buy Right Away?

If the order doesn’t get placed during the initial visit (i.e, browser session), you can still earn money if your referral purchases in next visit/s. We track visitor cookies and IPs and our system stores these for up to 30 days!

So it’s always a good idea to give a few reminders to your visitors, members and/or subscribers to return to buy.

People are sometimes on the wrong device when they read your email, or are very busy and forget. By reminding your list and site users, you not only service them, but also make sure they click on your affiliate link and that any purchase they make is credited to you.

What's life of the Cookie?

30 days industry standard cookie life.

If a customer clicks on 2 different affiliate links from 2 different affiliates, which one is saved?

The first affiliate link that the customer clicks will store the affiliate’s ID in a cookie and it cannot be overridden from the second link unless the cookie expires, or the customer clears their browser cookies and then clicks on the second link.

Can I Use My Affiliate Link to Purchase for Myself?

No! Any affiliates doing so are acting against our Affiliate Agreement Terms of Service (which you agreed to during sign up phase) and will be instantly terminated and forfeit all income. This includes purchasing for yourself, your business, the business you work for or for a family member, colleague or friend. In short- if you purchase from us, do not use your affiliate link.

Can I see Stats? What reporting do I get? When?

Sure! Log into our site and then visit your affiliate center on our site and you will see stats on clicks and conversions.

Stats are real-time. Small delays may occur due to slow internet speed, but no need to wait hours or days or a month to get a report. Just login whenever you wish.

Some customers may have for whatever reason a PayPal pending payment/ on-hold for a time. As soon as payment clears, that conversion is credited to you, so you may see a day or so later a few more sales.

Some people may visit and then they buy some days later, once they get together the money.

It will always be credited to you, so long as they used your affiliate link and/or your affiliate coupon code we gave you when they purchase.

When Do I Get Paid?

We pay Net+15, meaning, if you made sales during December, you’ll get paid for them on January 15th.

How Do I Get Paid?

We use PayPal to pay our affiliates. You need to open a PayPal account for yourself or your business. It is free to do so and very fast. Payment is instant this way, so on the 15th of each month you will get your earned income!

Alternately, we can also wire you your income, should you prefer; if your income as our affiliate is over $50,000 (USD) we won’t charge you for the wire. Otherwise we deduct $60 per wire sent.

If you wish to be paid by wire it will take longer to recieve your income and we pay Net+30 for wire payments. Please contact us via our support page contact form, to provide us with your exact wire information.

Is There Any Payment Threshold?

Minimum payout – none. CG Elves uses PayPal Mass Payments to process and clear all outstanding Affiliate balance credit, even if Affiliate only had a few sales there is no minimum required threshold for payout!

I need a certain size banner, an article or other marketing materials.

Contact us via our support contact form and we’ll help you best we can.

Can I use images from your sales page to promote your product/s?


Can I use text from your sales page to help promote the product/s?

Sure. Testimonials, who uses MD and for what, etc. Look at sales page and you’ll get many ideas if you want to make a blog post or other content about the product. Always best you change the wording a bit, to have unique content. Testimonials can and should be copied as-is.

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